Design and Craft Services - Interior Retail Design

Design can mean different things in different contexts. A wide range of design services are available for residential, commercial, retail and business needs. Design plays an important role in projecting the right image. It is helpful in using a space efficiently. Following are some of the major design services.

Designing Retail 

Owners of retail stores need commercial interior design services to improve their store's functionality and visual aspects. A retail design agency offers services like interior design, architectural design, retail styling, retail strategy and visual merchandising. These services are offered after taking into account the type of customers who will visit the store, the type of products on offer, the architecture of the building, the interior layout, and the prevailing industry standards.

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Graphics Design

Graphics designers design graphical images for web and print publications. They design brochures, booklets, websites, leaflets, book covers, advertisements and others. Graphics designer are primarily concerned about the look of the project. They use photos, images, graphics, text, patterns and colours to create the desired impression. It is a creative field and each client requires a custom solution.

Website Designing

Online visitors should be able to navigate a website without any difficulty. A webpage must convey the right impression and message. Website designers generally work in close consultation with the website developers.

Video Design

It is related to the stagecraft. Video designers create right environment on the stage with the help of lightning, live camera feed, motion graphics, films, props and other elements. Their services are needed for the live shows like concerts, fashion shows, dance shows, opera and theatre. The person offering this service is also known as projection designer.

Video Game Designer

Video games are now quite complex. There is a storyline with many plots. There are lots of scenarios, characters and other elements. Video game designers have to ensure the game has the right environment. Reactions caused by actions of players must be coordinated well. The job responsibilities of a video game designer include development and improvement of storylines, plots, characters, scenarios, maps, difficulty levels and other features of the game.

Shop Interior Design

This design service is similar to retail design service but it is limited to interior designing only and does not include exterior designing and graphics designing. Some store interior designers take complete responsibility of the project from the interior designing to the final shop fitting while other designers offer only the interior design service. In case of the latter, the shop fitting project is completed by a shop fitter contractor who uses the interior design blueprint to fit the shop with the right items.